Gambling addiction: addiction or norm?

Game addiction has already become a major challenge in modern societies jdlclub. Why this is happening, and what measures are proposed to be used in the fight against the threat, we will consider below.

Everyone knows the threat of addiction that arises from adherents of gambling. Not everyone understands the reasons for its occurrence and what can be done in the fight against the spreading evil.

Distance between fun and addiction

The emergence of addiction is a quick process, people think that they can stop in time, but in reality it happens differently. At first, the game is perceived as innocent entertainment, then as a hobby, then the passion develops into a desire to turn the game into a source of permanent income. Even when addiction has already arisen, it continues to seem like a hobby, but behind it is an irresistible addiction and craving for the game.

Signs of addiction

Psychiatrists and representatives of related disciplines have already developed an approximate list of criteria that help determine a person’s morbid addiction. Let’s consider the main ones.

  • The person concentrates on the game, everything else fades into the background;
  • Losing does not stop a person, on the contrary, it provokes him and encourages him to continue playing in order to achieve revenge;
  • The pause or forced termination of the game causes irritation and rage;
  • A person visits establishments or starts playing more often, the amount of money spent on the game also grows;
  • Unreasonable changes in mood are observed: apathy gives way to euphoria.

Gambling addiction negatively affects family relationships. The player deceives his spouse, spends all his savings, often he is ready to sell housing and other valuables in order to place a bet, hoping to win back. Debt is becoming the norm.

According to the narcologist Zakrevsky, the manifestation of the traits of an addicted person is associated with the psychological difficulties that have arisen in him. They are expressed in the manifestation of a number of negative traits in him. The overestimation of one’s own talents and capabilities is quite typical. Partial or complete lack of the ability to critically assess oneself. A person is prone to conflicts, petty behavior, dependence is reflected in his appearance, speech, demeanor.

Means of struggle

Experts are of the opinion that successful treatment for addiction takes place with the help of a psychotherapist. It will help to correct thinking, identify the reasons that led a person to addiction. The role of relatives and friends is no less important. There are two aspects: recognition by a person of the presence of a problem and a change in the attitude of relatives, if it played in the emergence of difficulties. In particular, prohibitions alone cannot solve the problem.

The authors of one study suggest a different way of getting rid of – to join the joys of extreme sports or other activities that can replace excitement. This, in their opinion, will help a person make himself happy and relieve himself of the need for play.

This is not to say that the player is helpless, he can take measures to defend. For example, learn to stop, slow down yourself. Experts argue that gambling establishments could take measures to protect such players. In countries where gambling is allowed, casinos and bookmakers are obliged to take the specified measures aimed at protecting the interests of gamblers.

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